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The Benefits of Worker's Compensation: A Personal Injury Lawyer's Perspective

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Worker’s compensation is, in general, a temporary payment to an employee after they become ill or injured as a direct result of performing their job duties. These payments may go toward wages lost from being unable to work or toward medical care and rehabilitation of the injury. Employees must meet certain requirements in order to qualify for worker’s compensation; for example, worker’s compensation does not typically cover common illnesses such as the flu or conditions that an employee received a diagnosis for prior to employment at their current company.

Here are some of the benefits of worker’s compensation for those who work in Illinois.

Reduced Stress

Recovering from an injury is stressful enough, and additional worry can slow down the healing process. One additional worry that injured workers might have is how they are going to pay bills when they are out of work. This is one of the benefits of worker’s compensation, which provides employees with a source of cash when they are unable to make money from their regular job.

Faster Healing

In addition to having less stress during the healing process, having a way to pay for necessary medical treatment and rehabilitation helps to promote quicker healing times. This is beneficial to both the employee and the employer, as the employee is able to get back to work quicker and continue to perform their duties for the company.

Knowing the benefits of worker’s compensation may help embolden people to seek financial assistance for themselves after a qualifying work injury.

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