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Advice from a Personal Injury Lawyer: 3 Reasons to Avoid Posting About Your Accident on Social Media

Shay + Associates Law Firm personal injury lawyer in Springfield and Decatur, Illinois

Social media has completely changed how we communicate with each other and how we share news and information with friends and family. Instead of talking to one another, we count on websites and apps to keep us in touch.

However, news about your car accident is best shared in person. Here are three important reasons for you to never post about your accident on social media.

Attorneys Can Use Your Post to Make You Look Guilty

If your personal injury case ends up in court, attorneys can use the words you post on social media to make you look responsible for what happened. Litigation attorneys can turn a simple phrase like, “I never saw him coming” into an admission of guilt in court, even when you meant it as a lighthearted comment for your friends.

Courts Will Enter Your Photos Into Evidence

The court will admit photos and videos that you posted on social media as evidence. Attorneys can use photos you post of the accident or videos you post of your unchecked emotional reactions to discredit your claims. Additionally, photos from social media of you appearing to participate in activities that your injuries prohibit can undermine your personal injury case.

"Erased Posts Are Still Available to Attorneys"

You may have a habit of posting about your life on social media daily. However, if you regret a post and attempt to delete it, your post is actually still available to those who know how to find it.

Posting about your accident can only hurt your case. Never post about an accident on your social media accounts.

Don't hesitate to reach out to Shay + Associates Law Firm if you require the expertise of a skilled personal injury lawyer in Springfield or Decatur, Illinois.

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