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Insights from a Personal Injury Lawyer: Identifying the Four Most Common Construction Injuries

Shay + Associates Law Firm personal injury lawyer in Springfield and Decatur, Illinois

Construction sites are a notoriously dangerous place to be. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that more than one-quarter of construction workers suffer injuries on the job.

There are many ways to get hurt on a job site. But according to the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA), only four types of accidents cause 60% of construction workplace injuries. These are the “fatal four” categories in construction accidents:

1. Falls

Falls are the number one cause of fatal accidents on construction sites. Although OSHA requires guardrails, covers, and personal fall arrest systems, accidents still occur regularly.

2. Electrocution

Electrocution is the second-most-common fatal injury in a construction workplace. OSHA has plenty of regulatory standards for safety training and electrical work, but extreme caution is still merited whenever electrical work is being done.

3. Struck-By Hazard

A struck-by hazard is an injury resulting from forcible contact between the worker and an object or piece of equipment. Protecting workers from flying objects is especially difficult because they might not even be working with the hazardous object.

OSHA has many regulations to protect against struck-by hazards, which fall into four categories:

• Falling objects

• Flying objects

• Rolling Objects

• Swinging Objects

4. Caught-In or Between

This category includes trench cave-ins, workers pinned by moving equipment, and workers getting caught between two pieces of machinery or machinery and a fixed structure.

These accidents often happen suddenly and without warning. Take extra precautions when entering trenches and never put yourself between moving and fixed objects.

Obeying all rules and regulations regarding these four fatal accidents, and being aware of your surroundings to avoid unnecessary danger, can help you stay safe on the job site.

Don't hesitate to reach out to Shay + Associates Law Firm if you require the expertise of a skilled personal injury lawyer in Springfield or Decatur, Illinois.

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