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Understanding Common Causes of Collisions with Tractor Trailers: Insights from a Personal Injury Lawyer

Shay + Associates Law Firm personal injury lawyer in Springfield and Decatur, Illinois

Accidents with tractor-trailers can lead to serious injuries because of their large size and weight. In fact, approximately 130,000 people sustain injuries resulting from trucking accidents annually.

Here are some of the reasons these wrecks occur.

1. Unrealistic Expectations for Truckers

Professional truck drivers are typically required to undergo training before they can operate a tractor-trailer. However, some companies impose compensation systems that prompt workers to drive faster than is advisable. Additionally, truckers could worry about staying on an unrealistic schedule and rush from one stop to another. Long hours could also leave drivers feeling sleepy with slower reaction times than they would have with more rest.

2. Unsafe Practices of Passenger Vehicles Drivers

In some instances, car drivers simply do not know the precautions they should take when driving in close proximity to large trucks. For example, tractor-trailer drivers have limited visibility next to and behind their vehicles. Drivers should attempt to avoid driving in these blind spots when possible. Another risky move is switching lanes quickly right in front of a truck since their brakes are often slower than those of a car.

3. Poorly Maintained Trucks

Even if both drivers follow every conceivable safety practice, a poorly maintained truck could cause a serious accident. This could mean that the trucking company did not recently replace brakes or tires making it difficult for the trucker to stop when necessary. Worn tires could also result in tire blowouts which can lead to multi-vehicle accidents on highways.

Drive with caution around large trucks in an attempt to keep yourself, your passengers, and the truck driver from sustaining grave injuries.

Don't hesitate to reach out to Shay + Associates Law Firm if you require the expertise of a skilled personal injury lawyer in Springfield or Decatur, Illinois.

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