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Insights from a Personal Injury Lawyer: Exploring Various Types of Catastrophic Truck Accidents

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Because of their size, trucks cause massive injuries when they get into accidents. Innocent drivers and pedestrians hurt in such incidents may face lifelong consequences.

According to The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, large vehicle collisions resulting in injury are increasing. Drivers should be aware of the many ways these wrecks can occur.

Types of Truck Accidents

One of the most common types of trucking accidents is a tire blowout. When this happens, maintaining control can become highly difficult. In all probability, the vehicle will hit an obstacle and crash into another.

Underside accidents occur when truckers suddenly hit their brakes. As this transpires, a smaller vehicle traveling behind may be unable to stop. The roof of the passenger vehicle can cave in, thus harming the driver.

Rollovers are a deadly threat. They tend to result when operators are speeding and what they are carrying is uneven.

Types of Truck Accident Injuries

One catastrophic injury caused by oversized trucks is internal organ damage. Such harm can be tricky to identify and treat.

Traumatic brain injuries are another possibility. A severe impact can result in a cranial blow. The result is sometimes cognitive impairments that diminish normal abilities.

Some victims hit by semis suffer spinal injuries. Long-term physical therapy becomes necessary to return to normalcy. In worst-case scenarios, paralysis is the outcome. Those who lose the ability to walk often need full-time care.

Reckless truckers can cause serious injury to innocent bystanders. There are many reasons why large vehicles might lose control and wreak havoc. Because of this, it behooves all drivers to maintain vigilance on the road.

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