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Determining Liability for a Workplace Injury at Home: Insights from a Personal Injury Lawyer

Shay + Associates Law Firm personal injury lawyer in Springfield and Decatur, Illinois

It may be possible to obtain workers’ compensation benefits if you are hurt while working from your Illinois home. For instance, if you hurt your back while carrying a customer’s order to your vehicle, that would likely be considered a workplace injury. The same might be true if you develop headaches, neck pain or blurred vision after looking at a device used to perform tasks for your employer.

Was the Injury Caused by Willful Negligence?

Typically, you’re entitled to workers’ compensation benefits even if you played a role in causing an accident to happen. However, this might not be the case if you got hurt while under the influence of a controlled substance. Furthermore, if your work area was cluttered, messy, or could otherwise be considered a safety hazard, an employer may have grounds to dispute your claim.

Make Sure to Seek Treatment for the Injury Right Away

The sooner that you seek treatment, the easier it will be to establish that your injuries occurred while performing tasks for your employer. Whoever treats you will likely include a written statement documenting the most likely cause of a sprain, strain, or broken bone. You may also want to include photos, witness statements, and other information that might verify your version of events.

Report the Injury to Your Employer

If your injury is a relatively minor one, it may be best to report it to your employer before seeking treatment. It’s not uncommon for employers to require workers to submit workplace accident reports no more than 30 days after they occur. However, it’s generally in your best interest to do so within 48 hours to ensure that the claim process can be completed in a timely manner.

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