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Is There a Solution Available for Work Zone Car Accidents?

Construction workers face many risks when their worksite is close to moving traffic. Drivers also face hazards from other vehicles and even the workers at the site. In Illinois, congressional leaders intend to improve safety for everyone through crafting a new “distracted driving bill.” The legislation could draw attention to better driving practices that help drivers keep watch on the road.

Distracted Driving and Construction Zone Dangers

Distracted driving refers to behaviors that curtail concentration when operating a motor vehicle. For example, a driver who decides to send a text message while traveling at 45 mph could cause a crash. Distracted driving accidents can happen anywhere, even on a deserted road. When a driver gets distracted while passing through a construction zone, the chances of an accident may increase even further.

Members sent to the Senate and House of Representatives by Illinois voters crafted legislation that might provide partial solutions. The proposed bill supports enhancing safety technology in new vehicles, boosting public awareness, and more.

Such legislation attempts to reduce distracted driving incidents, and the help might be overdue from a construction worker’s standpoint. Drivers traveling through a work zone may rubberneck, which could cause an accident. Other drivers may pay more attention to a multimedia display or their smartphone than workers, their equipment, other drivers, and even pedestrians, increasing the risk of a collision.

The Dire Risks of Distracted Driving

Many workers stand by the road at a construction zone to perform tasks or attempt to direct traffic. Since they are outside a vehicle, they have few protections to prevent severe injuries if hit by a car.

Not all auto accidents involving distracted driving simply result in fender benders or whiplash. Fatal accidents happen, and wrongful death suits may follow.

Hopefully, those who need to pay more attention to the road will do so as a result of the Illinois campaign. If not, at-fault drivers could end up in civil court looking at potentially massive financial losses. Auto insurance only provides coverage up to policy limits, and wrongful death suits may go beyond those limits.

A personal injury attorney may help someone who has been hurt by a distracted driver

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