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Exploring Options for Getting Medical Bills Paid After an Accident: Advice from a Personal Injury Lawyer

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The possibility of an auto accident is an unfortunate reality for Illinois residents each time they travel in a car. It’s important to consider the potential injuries that can accompany motor vehicle accidents. Car crash victims who understand the damages they can claim after an accident may enjoy a better chance at receiving the compensation they deserve to help pay for medical bills.

Medical Expenses

The injuries that result from a motor vehicle accident range from minor bruises to trauma that can threaten the life of the victim. Accident victims should receive medical attention as soon as possible, even when they feel they have not suffered an injury. Some injuries sustained in a car accident do not reveal themselves immediately but can become a source of problems later. Accident compensation for medical expenses may include:

  • Ambulance fees

  • Health consultations

  • Heating pads, crutches, or other accessories

  • Physical and cognitive therapy

  • In-home services

  • Disability

Who Pays the Bills?

The short answer to this question is that the accident victim is responsible for his or her medical bills. However, financial compensation is available to accident victims who demonstrate that their injuries result from another driver’s negligence.

Some degree of financial strain is possible for the accident victim after filing an accident claim since the at-fault driver’s insurance provider might not disburse money each time the accident victim has a doctor’s appointment. It is also possible that a final judgment for an accident claim will take many months before becoming final. These facts might make it necessary for an accident victim to rely on their medical insurance while awaiting the claims process to play out. Accident victims may also be able to receive money from their auto insurance policy to cover out-of-pocket medical expenses like co-pays and deductibles if the policy includes medical coverage.

An accident on the road can wreak havoc on the physical and mental well-being of everyone involved in the crash. Individuals injured in a motor vehicle accident may be better able to recover the compensation they deserve by speaking with a personal injury lawyer.

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