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Follow Up


Recently, I received a text from a close friend that stated, “Confucius say when blogging on your potentially fatal disease don’t take a week off and leave people hanging.” As such, I wanted to update you on how I am doing and more importantly, thank all of you for sending such heartfelt and kind wishes.

I was hospitalized for 6 days on oxygen and received intravenous treatment, including Remdesivir and Dexamethasone. I am currently receiving follow-up care after participating in the Regeneron study. I am feeling much better and I am back to work.

Staying in a 9-foot by 9-foot room all alone left me plenty of time to think. I am delighted that there is a vaccine available to help prevent the spread of COVID. I understand that many fear taking vaccines generally and more particularly, the COVID vaccine due to the quick process in which it was created, manufactured and approved by the FDA. The only way to truly combat COVID is to wear a mask, socially distance yourself and take the vaccine when available. Before I was struck by COVID, I worked out 5-6 days a week and was in excellent physical shape. My only co-morbidity was asthma. The doctors still can’t provide an explanation why healthy people can be struck so hard by COVID and others only experience mild symptoms.

I consider myself a lucky person because I never had to go into the Intensive Care Unit or be placed on a ventilator; however, I did experience many of the more egregious symptoms. I would like to end this blog by thanking all of the people who sent me their support and prayers. I am also sending a warning that if I see you without a mask, I will gently remind you that your very life may depend on that mask that you chose not to wear.

Thanks again.

Timothy M. Shay

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