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What Safety Hazards are Placing You at Risk in Your Workplace?

When you go to work, you plan on doing what you need to do that day, performing well at your job and going home at the end of the day. You are not considering what would happen if you suffered an injury in a workplace accident, and that is probably because you don’t consider your job to be at risk. However, you could be at risk because of various factors, regardless of what type of job you have and how dangerous it may be.

Many factors contribute to workplace accidents. These incidents often happen because an employee is unaware of the risks associated with certain tasks and jobs. Potential hazards can be quite obvious, such as visibly dangerous equipment and the unseen, which includes potential psychological risks. No matter how or why you received an injury at your place of work, you could have grounds to pursue benefits through a workers’ compensation claim.

Common Hazards to Your Health

Every Illinois workplace is different, and every workplace comes with certain risks, even if you sit at a desk or work on a computer. Depending on the nature of your specific job, any of the following could cause you physical or mental harm:

  • Psychological hazards, often caused by prolonged periods of stress or experiencing a traumatic event

  • Biological hazards, caused by toxic exposure, exposure to dangerous materials or close contact with dangerous illnesses

  • Repetitive strain injuries, caused by doing the same task over and over, leading to painful injury

  • Physical hazards, caused by falls, slips, trips, heat, cold and much more, can lead to injuries or illness for workers

  • Chemical hazards, caused by exposure to dangerous substances or fumes that can lead to illness and permanent damage

If you suffered mentally or physically because of your job, you have a right to support. Filing a workers’ comp claim cannot reverse the damage done, but it can help you recover a portion of your lost wages and return to work eventually.

Where Should You Start?

You may feel overwhelmed and confused after a work accident. You may not know where to begin with your claim or how to make sure you get what you need. This is why it is helpful to work with an experienced attorney at every step of the process. A legal ally can help you navigate every step, from your initial application to filing any necessary appeals.

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