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What do I do After a Workplace Injury?

When an employee receives an injury on the job, they need to take careful measures to ensure they will receive the workers’ compensation benefits they deserve. Knowing what to do after an accident can make all the difference in the outcome of the situation.

The average cost of a workplace injury is over $40,000. Without workers’ compensation benefits to aid them, a victim of such an accident may have to pay for these expenses out of their pocket. Taking these simple steps can drastically improve the outcome of a workers’ compensation claim:

Report the Injury

Sometimes, employees feel fear for their job when they think about reporting their workplace injury. An employee needs to tell their employer about the accident as soon as possible. When an employee reports their injury immediately after it happens, it leaves little doubt as to where the injury occurred.

See a Doctor

A “small” accident like a slip-and-fall has the potential to deal a severe amount of unseen damage to a body. Even if you feel fine after an accident, see a doctor. A doctor will know what to look for after an injury and can help identify hidden injuries. This identification is crucial to a claims process. If an employee waits days or weeks to see a doctor, the employer may argue the injury happened elsewhere.

Complete the Paperwork

Workers’ compensation does not just automatically arrive in someone’s account after an injury. An employee needs to file for the benefit, and it needs to happen within a limited time. If you are uncertain about what you need to do or how to do it, speak with a workers’ compensation attorney. Their guidance can help protect your best interests.

Act Fast

Regardless of what happened in your accident, do not wait to act. The longer someone delays the pursuit of the benefits they deserve, the less time they must secure them. There are many things that someone needs to do, so start today to protect tomorrow.

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