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The Cost of Catastrophic Injuries

Catastrophic injuries are disastrous events in a person’s life. Tragedies like brain or spine injuries, loss of limb or paralysis change the way a person lives forever. As devastating as these injuries are, their costs extend much further than a victim may expect.

Despite popular opinion, catastrophic injuries are more common than you may expect. When anyone is vulnerable to these injuries, they need to prepare themselves for the total costs of their catastrophic injuries. A victim of such an accident needs to be sure they are earning compensation that reflects the total cost of their recovery.

How a Catastrophic Injury Costs Someone

When in pursuit of compensation, a lawyer needs to consider both the initial and lasting costs of a catastrophic injury. The initial costs of these injuries include the price of surgery, hospital stay, prescriptions, lost income from not working, and even the lost income of loved ones taking care of you during your recovery.

After this initial process, later costs can still arise. A victim may need new medical equipment, new prosthetics, physical or emotional therapy, and even relocation fees to move to a new residence that better suits the nature of the injury, not to mention the pain and suffering of the injury.

When a victim of a catastrophic injury does not receive the funds necessary to cover the total cost of their injury, they are liable for any excess costs. A victim should not be the one who must pay for their recovery. This is where the guidance of an experienced lawyer comes in.

Do Not be the One Left Holding the Bill

When someone’s reckless or negligent behavior causes a catastrophic injury, the victim is the last person who should pay for their recovery. Everyone has the right to fight for their best possible compensation to cover the costs of their injuries.

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