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Motorcyle Accident Lawyer in Springfield, Illinois & Decatur Illinois

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Springfield & Decatur, Illinois

When you’ve been hurt in an accident on your motorcycle, dealing with an injury is hard enough. The last thing you need is to deal with insurance companies who don’t have the same priorities as you. The experienced motorcycle accident attorneys at Shay & Associates Law Firm, LLC will keep your interests in mind as they fight for you to receive compensation for your injuries while you focus on your health and well-being.

All of our car accident attorneys are experienced, aggressive litigators, so we will do what it takes to fight for the best outcome for your case. If that means taking it to trial, we will fight for you in court to receive fair compensation for your injuries and damages.

The Perception of Motorcyclists in
Auto Accidents

No matter who is at fault in a motorcycle accident, the motorcyclists get the reputation as the rule-breaker or the maverick. Driving a motorcycle is considered a risky activity. But there are numerous ways an inattentive car and truck driver can compromise the safety of motorcycle drivers. Let your accident and injury attorney handle the insurance companies and position the evidence so that the fault is clearly understood.

When you are injured in an accident on your motorcycle, the first thing you should do after seeking medical attention is speaking with a car accident attorney from Shay & Associates Law Firm, LLC. If the other driver was at fault, an attorney will negotiate with your insurance company as well as the other driver’s insurance company on your behalf.

Choose Shay & Associates Law Firm, LLC

Shay & Associates Law Firm, LLC has focused on personal injury cases, including car accidents, since our founding in 1992. You are our top priority. We believe in giving you ownership of your case, which means you’ll be completely informed every step of the way. When we take on your case, we are in your corner, supporting you until the end. Contact us to see how we can help you with your case.


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