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Dangerous Drugs & Medical Device Injury Lawyers at Shay + Associates Law Firm, LLC in Springfield and Decatur, Illinois

Dangerous Drugs & Medical Device Injury Lawyer in Springfield, Illinois & Decatur Illinois

Dangerous Drugs & Medical Devices

Representation for Plaintiffs in Defective Drug & Medical Device Claims

If you or a loved one has suffered significant illness or injury due to a defective drug or medical device, you have a trusted ally in Shay & Associates Law Firm, LLC. With law offices in Decatur and Springfield, we have served the needs of people throughout Illinois since 1992. We understand the devastating impact dangerous and defective products can have on innocent consumers. Our attorneys are here to give you a strong voice in the legal system.

Defective products of many kinds may cause significant injury and even wrongful death. Most defective products fall into the following categories:  design defects, manufacturing defects, or failure to provide adequate warning or instruction. 

Medical devices often fall into the design defect or manufacturing defect category. When medical devices are not adequately tested and made safe for the public, innocent patients can suffer untold pain and hardship. Medical device claims can be very complex. We have the investigative resources to uncover the root causes of our client’s injuries and to identify liable parties.

Making the World a Better Place

By holding negligent manufacturers accountable, we are not only helping our clients but also making the world safer for others. For help with your claim, call our law offices in Decatur at 217-425-5900, in Springfield at 217-523-5900, or online by filling out a brief contact form.

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Product Liability Practice Areas at Shay + Associates Law Firm, LLC in Springfield and Decatur, Illinois

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