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Workers Compensation
Timothy Shay

Workers’ Compensation Attorney
In Springfield And Decatur, Illinois

No matter what your profession is, from construction worker to administrative assistant, your workplace has hazards. If you experience an injury at work while performing your job, you deserve compensation. This compensation may include financial payments to cover lost wages and medical coverage to help with your recovery.

In Illinois, you don’t have to prove that your employer’s negligence caused your accident because the state has a no-fault workers’ compensation law. However, the no-fault system doesn’t guarantee that receiving your workers’ compensation benefits is as simple as filling out a few forms.

Contact Timothy Shay of Shay & Associates Law Firm, LLC in Springfield, Illinois. Mr. Shay has decades of experience litigating workers’ compensation cases in Illinois. The workers’ compensation lawyers at his firm will advocate for you and guide you through the legal process so you can focus on getting better or adjusting to your life-altering injury.

Know Which Injuries Qualify For Workers’ Compensation

Some jobs have more obvious risks of injury than others. For example, some employees perform repetitive motions during long shifts and lift large and awkward objects. Workers in higher-risk occupations often sustain acute or chronic injuries, including broken bones, torn ligaments, or severe back pain.

Even office employees are susceptible to workplace injury. Daily computer use can cause carpal tunnel syndrome, and slip-and-fall accidents are very common in traditional offices. State workers’ compensation insurance covers office and non-office employees alike.

In some cases, work-related injuries are severe enough to lead to partial or permanent disability. Shay & Associates Law Firm, LLC can help you get payment for the money you would have earned had the injury never occurred. If your immediate family member died in a workplace-related accident, workers’ compensation lawyers at our firm can pursue survivor benefits to pay for the expenses caused by his or her death.

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Workers’ compensation cases can be long and arduous, so don’t pursue benefits on your own. Call Shay & Associates Law Firm, LLC today for a free consultation with a workers’ compensation attorney. We have offices in both Springfield and Decatur, Illinois, to better serve you.