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When Can Public Pools Be Held Liable for Injuries? Insights from a Personal Injury Lawyer

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Public pools are a great source of recreation, exercise, and relief from summertime heat. However, unsafe or unsanitary conditions at swimming pools can cause illness and injury.

When are public pools responsible for injuries to people at their facilities?

Causes of Swimming Pool Injuries

Illinois law requires public swimming facilities to adhere to safety and sanitation standards. There are several causes of swimming pool injuries that may make the owners of public swimming pools liable for injuries.

Improperly Designed Pools

A design flaw, such as placing a diving board in an area of a pool that isn’t deep enough for people to safely dive in, could make the pool designer liable for injuries that occur because of that design flaw.

Poorly Installed or Maintained Drain Grates

The strong suction from pool pumps may injure children and others when pool operators incorrectly install or maintain drain grates. Missing or broken grates can cause swimmers to become trapped and drown. Pool owners may be liable for injuries caused by poor maintenance or installation of safety features.

Cloudy Water

Cloudy water may indicate unsanitary conditions that could cause illnesses. It can also make it difficult for lifeguards and guests to see swimmers underwater who are in distress. Pool owners who do not maintain proper water conditions may be liable for illnesses and injuries that result.

Swimming pools come with some inherent risks. However, pool owners and operators must maintain facilities in safe and sanitary conditions to reduce the risk of serious illnesses and injuries at their facilities.

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