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What Type of Workers' Compensation Benefits Are Available in Illinois?

When you experience a work injury or get a diagnosis of a work-related illness, you can apply for Illinois workers’ compensation benefits. This program, available regardless of fault in the case of an injury or illness, pays medical expenses and other related costs.

Review the details about available workers’ compensation benefits in Illinois if you or a family member has a health problem associated with employment.

Disability Benefits

If you cannot work until you finish recovering from an illness or injury, you can apply for temporary total disability. If eligible, you will receive two-thirds of your average pay per week prior to the accident up to a current cap of about $1,549. Temporary partial disability, available when you can return to part-time or light-duty employment, is two-thirds of the difference between your previous average wage and your part-time pay.

The state will pay permanent disability benefits if your doctor says you cannot return to work after your injury. You can also receive this type of award if you have lost the use of two extremities, limbs, or eyes.

Medical and Other Benefits

Illinois requires workers’ compensation to pay for medical treatment deemed medically necessary by an authorized health care provider. When you cannot do the same type of work you did before your illness or injury, you may qualify for education assistance, job training, and career counseling programs.

An employee’s surviving family can apply for death benefits after a work-related fatality. The family can receive burial expenses of up to $8,000 as well as ongoing death benefits of two-thirds of the deceased person’s average wage.

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